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Facts About Portable Music Everyone Should Know

As the portable music industry really kicks off, there is some confusion surrounding this new format. Piracy concerns top the list for record labels and consumers find themselves a little unsure what's legal and what's not.

Let's look at some of the basic questions about portable music and the answers to help you steer clear of piracy concerns:

What is portable music?
Technically this is anything that can be listened to on the go. Whether it's a CD in a CD player or an MP3 in a download device, if you can take it with you, it's portable. The most common definition of this today, however, is the download format, or MP3.

Where do you get portable music?
There are a variety of legal download sites on the Internet. Specialty companies, music labels and even big-name department stores offer music for purchase by the song or by the album over an Internet connection. There are even gift cards available for portable music downloads so friends can buy their own choices of songs.

How can you tell a site is legal?
Reputable sites that offer portable music downloads have licensing agreements with the record labels. This means that for each song that's downloaded the correct labels and artists will get their cut of the royalties. If a site offers copyrighted music for free, it's very likely the downloads are not legal. There are, however, lots of songs in the public domain, which means their download is free and legal. If you're unsure, check into a site's background before making the downloads.

Can you really get caught?
Yes. Illegal sites are being shut down all the time and music labels are tracking downloads from the sites via IP addresses. This means it is possible for a record company to track who has illegal downloads and who doesn't. This doesn't necessarily mean they'll prosecute everyone who makes an illegal download, but it can happen.

Can you make backups of music downloads?
Yes, in most cases you can. Some download sites even offer special programs that enable the creation of backup CDs or they'll store the buys online for you so if your hard drive crashes, you still have access to your purchases. Some portable download sites will even enable the copying of music on to multiple devices, but this will depend on the site music is purchased from.

Can you make copies of downloads to give away?
No. You can buy music for others as a gift, but buying a single song and copying it for 50 people is called piracy. Exercise common sense here to avoid any issues.

What stops a person from making copies of portable music?
Digital Rights Management, or DRM, protection is often included in downloads. This is a special programming key that disables copies after X amount or it can stop correct copying all together. What kind of DRM is included in the music you buy will depend on the site and the individual record labels involved.

Portable music and portable music devices are great for helping music lovers enjoy large collections without the hassle of CD cases and storage issues. They must be used and purchased with common sense, however. Piracy is a real problem in the download industry and record labels are getting very serious about prosecution.


Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

If you believed that all of the cell phone options on the market were created for younger folks in mind, than reconsider that thought. Because in today's society, cell phone plans for seniors are equally as important. These plans need to meet the growing needs that seniors face at home and on the road.

There are a variety of cell phone plans for seniors that are available and tailored to meet their individual needs. A few of these plans would be the no fee, or pre-paid cellular phone plans that do not require a credit check, or plans with one fixed monthly payment.

And if you decide to cancel your phone contract prior to the two years, most often you will be charged a hefty fee in the range of about $200.00. This is something that pre-paid cellular phones do not require. With a prepaid cellular plan you can simply cancel the plan at any time without being charged a cancellation fee.

Prepaid cellular phone plans are also great in the way that if you are a senior and do not use the phone a great deal of the time. They also give you the convenience that you may need in time of an unexpected emergency. And an added benefit of this, is that they are all designed to fit your budget which means that they will not hurt your pocket book in the long run. This is something that most seniors will appreciate because most are already on a fixed budget.

There are a few senior friendly phones, including cell phone plans available on the market today. Two of these plans that provide a great cell phone, as well as prepaid calling plans for seniors are called Jitterbug and consumer cellular. First let's take a look at Jitterbug. This company offers a phone that has a large keypad and screen, which is ideal for seniors who have visual problems.

Jitterbug is virtually one of the best phones on the market however their phones can be a bit pricey starting at ninety-nine dollars. But if you are not on a fixed budget and can afford the higher phone price, than this brand phone will be well worth purchasing in the end. Jitterbug's calling plan is a little more reasonable starting at fifteen-dollars per month. This in turn will give you fifty minutes of talk time. Not too bad for the price.

Also keep in mind that there is a first time thirty-five dollar activation fee with Jitterbug and Consumer Cellular, which many other companies do not require of first time customers. Consumer cellular also offers two basic cell phones that a senior will feel comfortable in using. Their individual calling plans are thirty-five cents per minute, which equals about ten dollars per month.

These two basic phones without the included prepaid plan will cost an individual between $25.00 to $30.00. Remember this is a great cell phone plan for seniors without all of the associated hidden fees that a long-term contract phone company would otherwise charge. Even though Jitterbug and Consumer Cellular give you a great phone, as well as a simplified prepaid, or pay as you go plans, they still may not be affordable for all seniors searching for a more economical cell phone to suit their everyday needs.

If you are one of those individuals searching for a more cost saving cell phone plan, than another good option would be the T-Mobile prepaid line of phones. A T-Mobile phone can be purchased just about anywhere that cell phones are sold and one of their phones can also be purchased for as little as $20.00. If you purchase one of their ten dollar prepaid plans, this in turn will give you thirty minutes of talk time.

The minutes that you place on a newly purchased T-Mobile prepaid phone will not expire until after three months. And you can also carry over minutes from a prior month by adding a $20.00 prepaid service card if you wish. Another advantage of a prepaid cell phone carrier such as T-Mobile; is that they usually give you ten to fifteen dollars included with the phone, when you first buy the complete package.

If you are a senior who requires more minutes on a prepaid T-Mobile cellular phone for example, then you can always choose an optional one-hundred dollar prepaid phone card. The advantage of the $100.00 card is that with the purchase of the card you will get 1000 minutes of talk time, which will not expire until a year from the date you activate the phone.

As far as cell phone plans for seniors go, my personal favorite for these individuals would have to be Straight Talk. Straight Talk has a variety of senior friendly phones starting out at about $29.00 up to $150.00, depending on what your preference is. When you purchase a Straight Talk phone which is currently available only in Wal-Mart stores, you will have the choice of being able to purchase a $30.00 prepaid cellular phone card which gives you 1000 minutes of talk time each month.

This in itself may be a great option for seniors whether you use a cellular phone a lot, or very little during the period of a month or even a year. Because if you do not use the phone often during a given month the minutes will not be lost, or be used up all at once, as can sometimes occur with other prepaid cellular phone companies. And to add, 1000 minutes of talk time is really more than enough minutes particularly if you are a senior who doesn't need, or does not do a lot of talking on the phone.

I recently purchased a Straight Talk phone for my elderly eighty-year old mother and she simply loves it. And as far as the reception, hearing and viewing capabilities go, I honestly think that this is a very good phone with plans comparable to some of the top brands on the market today.

Finding a good cell phone plan for seniors should not have to be a complicated or costly task, but if you are a senior who is in their later years and who also lives alone, getting a good cell phone and prepaid cellular plan to go along with it, is a must. Look at it as your personal security blanket.


How to Select Best Kind of Mobile Phone Battery

A mobile phone battery is one of the most important features to be considered while buying a smart phone. It is quite annoying when the battery dies or weakens in the middle of important calls. The seller might provide guarantee about the battery while choosing your handset. However, the truth remains that the life of a mobile battery is maximum two to three years.

What are the points to verify while selecting a handset?

Capacity: If the capacity of the battery is higher, its utilization time increases. Otherwise, it is often seen that after having 2 or 3 long conversations, your battery needs to be recharged. The only negative point is that a high capacity battery is long in size and heavier. Slim phones are also available of many leading brands, which come with fast charging mobile chargers, SD cards, and headsets.

Warranty: always make sure that the mobile set comes with longer period of warranty. This will assure that your battery will not get exhausted after a few years.

It is not always necessary that you buy the handset of a branded company. Any manufacturer, who provides the warranty of replacing parts and has the same quality and standard like the branded ones, is equally preferable.

Types of cell phone batteries:

Nickel cadmium commonly known as NiCad was once widely used in mobiles. The chemical used in it were harmful for humans. The mobile had to be disconnected before it was fully charged as there were chances of bursting. At present, lower grade companies use such type of battery.

Nickel Metal Hydride: they are the improved version of NiCad and give more power and run a little longer. As it can be fitted in any size, it's a favorite of mobile companies.

Lithium ion: This is made by using more advanced technology and lasts longer. It is quite expensive and has more capacity than NiMH of the same size. It doesn't adjust with older types of phones.

Lithium Polymer: the added benefit of this kind is that it is enclosed in the plastic cover instead of metal one. Therefore, it is light and due to its compatibility, it is highly recommended.

It is advisable to charge the new batteries for 24 hours undisturbed before using. Batteries usually malfunction, when it is over charged or it is being used regularly. Having long conversations also affect the capacity of the batteries. Charge the mobile whenever you get the signal to recharge. This will prolong the life of your phone batteries.

Article Source: http://www.amazines.com/article_detail_new.cfm/5797125?articleid=5797125


The best of Social Networking Apps

The growth of Smartphones in the past few years has been phenomenal. Nearly everyone now uses a Smartphone; if you're reading this article it is quite possible that you're reading it from your Smartphone. Nearly all sectors have been influenced by this growth. Social media has been one such sector where Smartphones have made a huge difference in its growth. The growth rate has been instrumental. Everyone is connected socially 24*7 due to these smart devices. You do not need to sit on your laptop or desktop after going back home after work and log in to a social network to be connected to several people.

Here are some Social Networking Apps that have changed or influenced the lives of millions all around the world one way or the other:

WhatsApp Messenger:

You do not pay $19 Billion to acquire just any other company, and Whatsapp certainly isn't just "any other company". Facebook recently paid 19 big ones to acquire this messenger service. Whatsapp is a cross-platform messenger which works on nearly all Smartphone operating systems. Along with messages you can send images, audio, video and GPS locations in a really easy and effective way. And all this totally free (Except the initial download cost in iOS).

How this changed life: Before going out we all send a "Selfie" to our best friends to get the final verdict on how we look. Or don't we?


Next up is Vine. This is a video sharing app allows users to make short/mini videos and share them to a feed very similar to other social networks. It has become very popular among many production houses and advertisement agencies for launching teasers and trailers. Also used for product commercials.

How this changed life: Changed the whole outlook on how we look at videos! You can spend hours watching a 6-second video, weird right?


Let me elaborate a little on the word "Selfie" which I used in the above section. It was named as Oxford Dictionary's word of the year. That pretty much sums up the impact Social Media has and photographs have on the entire world. Instagram has been a leading factor for the promotion of the word "Selfie". It is an image sharing Social network which is simple, fast and quite fun to be honest. It has features just like any other social network; the images that you share goes to on to a feed, you can follow other and get followed. There are even some preloaded filters to apply to your pictures before sharing them. Cross-network sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) is also available.

How this changed life: SELFIE.


Facebook has the largest number of users till date and is the world's biggest Social Network. How can a Social Media countdown be complete without Facebook in it? Everyone who is online or uses the Internet is on Facebook. The mobile application has all the features that the original website has, and is even better for some functionality. With the app, while you sit at a Coffee shop, you can upload a picture of your coffee, add the location, give your feedback, and tag the friends who went along with you. Truly a complete Social Media App.
How this changed life: Before getting a picture clicked we think if want it to be a Facebook DP or not! Sadistic? Maybe!

Other great Apps which deserve a mention on this countdown,

* Google+

* Pinterst

* Twitter or TweetDeck

* Tumblr

* Foursquare

* Snapchat


Photo editing: an option or a requirement?

In your daily life, you don't get the time to worry about the past or the future, all you can think of is what you've got to do next. Don't you just love the times you get a chance to look at an old photograph? The memories it brings back, the emotions that run through you in that one instant. A photograph is a portal that takes you back to a time that was important enough to you to want to capture it.

These photographs can be made a lot more memorable with a little editing. Photo editing has been done ever since the concept of photography came into existence (Thank God for that! ). The only difference is that back then they were edited in a dark room with the help of chemicals and equipments. Nor was the range of possible outcomes so large. But now, thanks to the age of technology, we have digital photographs and photo editing software. All you need is a computer, laptop or a Smartphone, and with a few taps of your finger you can have a completely transformed photo.

With the emergence of so many social networking sites, the use of photos has gone up along with the need of photo editing. Now we want our photos to look better than someone else's. We want our photographs to be more attractive, more liked. All this can be achieved by photo editing apps.

There are basic functions like brightness, contrast, red eye correction, white balance, etc. Then there are more elaborate editing options like cropping, tilting, color balance, removal or addition of something to a photo, etc. if you like playing with colors, you can turn your photograph black and white, sepia or with any other color tint. There are multiple photo editing apps in the market that bring the art of photo editing closer to you.

All of this editing and getting incredible photos becomes even easier than it already is, if you have an iphone. With the iphone comes the option of downloading and owning the app 'Spiffy', it's an amazing photo editing app that gives you practically every options available in the market for photo editing. Spiffy can transform an ordinary photograph into a piece of art. It's easy to understand and use. With little effort, the simple photo, turned into an awesome one, is ready to share on your favorite social networking site. Spiffy is the best photo editing app for iphones in the industry.

Whether it is an old photograph or a new one, a little editing can add life to a photo. Be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, we all want our friends to like our photos, and the least you need is a Smartphone with a photo editing app. You can find the latest and best photo editing apps here ay Appstore Download and turn your photographs into masterpieces with little work!


Choosing Cell Phone Chargers Made Easy

Today the heavy running applications on any mobile drain it of its battery too early and too easily. Heavy graphics games, for instance, can suck even the heaviest battery in no time. If you can keep your chargers handy all the time and also have a power source near you every time, you may free yourself of this inconvenience. But this doesn't happen always. Either you have the charger with you or the power source near you. In other words, if you have the mobile phone charger you don't have the power and vice versa.

The matter is grimmer for the people who are always on the go. They realize the importance of phone chargers only when their mobiles run out of the battery. That's why it is necessary to carry a portable charger whenever you are on the go.

Chargers come in all shapes and designs but no matter how attractive they are, they make sense only when they solve your purpose--to charge your mobile phone batteries.

Pointers to buy cell phone chargers:

A rechargeable batter's capacity is mentioned in milliamperes (mAh). You have to seek a battery of the same or more strength. If you are not aware of the strength of your cell phone battery then you must first find out this from the specifications section of the manufacturer of your mobile phone. Also consider that if the charger is of lower capacity than your battery then it may actually do the reverse--drain the power of your set's battery.

Select a brand: There are many cell phone accessories manufacturers in the market and the solution they offer can vary considerably in prices. A charger offered by one company may cost even half of what is being charged by another company, and this all may confuse a person. So what's the solution? Go with a brand, simple. A known brand will always offer a genuine product at a price that is going to remain same everywhere.

Look for warranty: Chargers do come with warranty. If you are going for a charger that is cheap but has no warranty then you might feel sorry for your decision. Going for a charger backed with a warranty would also save you from frequently changing your charger for one or the other reason.

Cell phone chargers are an important accessory for a mobile phone. Selecting it with care and caution can save us from later troubles.

Article Source: http://goarticles.com/article/Choosing-Cell-Phone-Chargers-Made-Easy/7849595/


Messaging Made Easy Through Chat Apps for Android

There are several instant messengers available today. But the best chat apps for android are the ones that suit your individual tastes and requirements. Using a messenger would be very useful it connects instantly to all your Facebook contacts unlike Facebook's official instant messaging app that has been recently been upgraded to deliver a faster service and interface. In case of a messenger, you can also message your friends who are not on Facebook. You can do this by using their phone numbers. Another benefit of using the messenger is that you can access all the messages in your Facebook without even having to open the website or the main app. The messenger has many features like groups, stickers, location data, voice recordings, free calls, photo sharing and many other features.

You can also use iOS reminder and app with panic mode in chat apps. With the help of iOS reminder in chat apps, you can set reminders or notifications for yourself and also create the list of things to do in the day. If you have not worked out on certain things from the list, the iOS reminder will add a new reminder for you. It also congrats you as and when you complete the tasks from the "To-Do" list. All the reminders are stored in one Google Drive spread sheet. Some of the best messenger apps for ios are WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger. You can also try ChatNow for Facebook. The looks of this app can be customized and it also has almost all the features of that of Facebook Messenger app.

iMessage is another app that generally comes built in. This is an advantage for all those people who do not install apps or are not enthusiastic about taking the pain of signing up for a service. Telegram has caught up the attention of many people in the recent past. The reason for its sudden rise in popularity is considered to be that it is plain, simple and good looking. Sicher is yet again another German app that comes unlimited which is free and completely secure. This could be perhaps the only app that is not influenced by the US Government and its secret policy. Though Twitter can also be used as a messaging service, the disadvantage in case of Twitter is that you can send a direct message to only those people who are following you. Though Slack is not officially a messaging app, it has all the features of a regular messenger. You can also have shortcut apps for iphone which create short cut to an application from the list of activities installed in your phone.


How to find the best mobile phone deals

Nowadays, everyone seems to have the top of the range smartphone in their pocket, and while these mini computers can be incredibly helpful at carrying out everyday jobs and tasks, they are very expensive. A good smartphone could set you back by a few hundred pounds at least if you were to buy it brand new, and this might just be more than you can afford to spend on a phone.

If you find that this is in fact the case, you would be able to buy your phone on contract instead in order to save money over a number of months. A lot of phone contracts last for at least 24 months and can spread the cost very well, so you don't need to worry about making any very expensive initial payments.

However, it is important that you find a mobile phone contract that suits your budget perfectly, while also providing you with the phone that you are after. You might not want to buy a smartphone, but there are still deals and offers on phone contracts for 'normal' mobile phones available out there. No matter what kind of phone contract it is that you are looking for, you will be able to find the ideal one for you by looking online now.

This is one of the best ways to find the phone and the contract that you need. The internet makes for an excellent resource when it comes to finding phone contracts and similar things. This is because you can easily compare and contrast a number of contracts all in one go, which can show you which one is best for your needs without you having to go into a lot of detail at all.

When you look online you should consider using a mobile phone contract comparison website, as this could speed up the entire process a lot. This is because you wouldn't need to find the contracts all on your own, and you could simply fill in a short online form to narrow down your search.

If you would like to do this, all you need to do is head online now and find the right comparison website for your needs. You could then begin your search and would be able to come up with the right kind of phone deal for you. You might even be able to find some phone contracts that come with free gifts, which could mean you get even more out of your contract.


Phone systems that work with any business

While the reasons for upgrading a phone system to are myriad, the most common one is that the old system isn't functioning in ways that is required, or there are additional features that a simple integration won't fix. But if you're a small business, how do you justify the cost?

Small businesses need phones - while a lot of the work online nowadays can be undertaken with ease on the internet, there is a basic need for phones - one of which is to confirm orders are arriving ok, order things that aren't online, or to ensure that customer satisfaction is kept high. Small businesses need phone systems to do this - whether it's a split from their main house phone for home based businesses, or a small office system that works under a series of circumstances; phone systems solve more problems than they create.

Phones for every staff member - if you're a small company, looking to ensure that your turnover is low, one of the key areas you can do so, especially in office or desk based projects is to give each member of staff an extension - whether they hot desk and log in and out of their phone, or work with one phone per desk is up to your company. Giving them this though will convey a sense of value, worth and trust.

Small businesses thrive on agility - Larger businesses may not be as agile as small businesses, so if they can make their work stand out from others, more the better - it's of vital importance for businesses to be able to contact, order or arrange things in real time - and while the internet allows that most of the time, there are some things that are easier arranged with a phone. Having a fully-fledged phone system will support this.

Small businesses can benefit greatly from a fully installed and designed phone system - it just depends on what they need to do and how long they have to do it in - when occupying new offices, you may want to consider consulting a phone systems expert.


Things to look for in your home phone and internet package

In order to get the most for your money it is worth considering an all-in-one package for your home phone and broadband internet, as many providers will offer a discounted rate for purchasing everything as one. Some will even offer an additional mobile phone contract at a reduced rate, as well as a SKY or cable package for your TV. This also makes life easier when it comes to paying your monthly bills, as you will only have to remember one bill and you will probably notice that you are making savings each month compared to your previous set-up.

There are numerous providers offering an all-in-one package but you will need to do your research to find out what will be most suited to you. Many offers require a BT landline in order to get started, which in itself has its advantages. Unlike other landlines, a BT landline will allow you to make free calls to certain numbers such as those that start with 0800 or 0845. In addition, BT landlines offer competitive rates for calls to other UK landlines, with reduced rates for calls made in the evenings and on the weekends. Used in conjunction with your mobile, which may offer cheaper rates to other mobiles, you will see notable savings.

For broadband there are again a variety of packages available and you will need to assess what download limit you will require in order to reduce the risk of running up an expensive bill. Be wary of offers that provide 'unlimited' internet as these are often subject to a fair use policy that means they are in fact not unlimited at all! If you are the lucky owner of a smartphone you will again need to check carefully your monthly internet allowance, as some providers offer as little as 0.7MB. There are, however, some phone companies that now offer an actual unlimited internet rate for their mobiles; so that users can have peace of mind in knowing that they aren't spending more than they anticipated.

If you are thinking about incorporating a TV package then it again pays to do your research. If you are a fan of sports many households enjoy they SKY channels because, despite being overall more costly than other TV options, it can still work out cheaper than a trip to your local for several pints and a packet of crisps! If you have a high definition TV you should also consider how you will obtain the high definition channels. This usually comes as standard now with SKY or cable TV, although households can also opt for a FreeSat receiver that only requires a one-off payment.


A Brief Glimpse At Sealed Lead Batteries

With the increase in portable electronic and electric devices, the need for batteries has grown geometrically through the years, with no end in sight. Of these types of batteries, sealed lead batteries are the most common. Let'sa explore them in some detail.

Sealed lead batteries were created around 1975 for the purpose of having a power source that was maintenance free while also being economical for both the manufacturer and consumer. Amongst features beyond the sealing of the lead electrolyte from spillage was the formation of special release valves to allow dangerous gas build-up to release safely. Further, these sealed lead batteries were often designed to be rechargeable (which is when most of the gasses would form in this type of battery).

Two basic types of lead acid batteries were created that survived the tumults of economic and consumer demands. These were the VRLA and SLA batteries. VRLA stands for valve regulated lead acid, whereas SLA is sealed lead acid. Both types are quite synonymous overall, with little difference between them.

One of the best features of these two sealed batteries, when they are rechargeable, includes an excess voltage safety mechanism which disallows the battery's explosive gas from becoming too great in quantity. This is effected by a depletion of full potential, should the battery become over-energized. The key here is not to over charge a battery.

A great deal of effort has gone into this aspect of rechargeable batteries specifically. Not only do batteries become dangerous when they are overcharged, but on a more economic note, they lose their overall charge through time via the buildup of crystals or corrosion, which limit the amount of electrolyte storage ability.

While this is somewhat ideal for the makers of such batteries, in that it brings in further income once the recharged battery no longer will take a charge and must be replaced, there is a continual race to make this type of lead batteries more efficient and longer-lived. As well, in a time of speed being almost synonymous with efficiency, it should be noted that sealed lead batteries do not charge so quickly. They trickle chargbe over a longer period of time.

However, with lead, as opposed to lithium ion and other types of batteries, the damage and memory loss is next to nil. However, self discharge is still a fact of life, leading between 35 and 45% loss per year. So recahrgeables are not as great as first thought.


Mobile App VS Website

There was a time when businesses really questioned the need of a website. Well, very few do it now! Same is the situation with mobile applications now. Certain businesses (very few now) still wonder the use of mobile application for their business when they already have a website. Despite the many advantages of traditional websites, something which lets the users access the internet using their mobile devices is important. This is basically due to the fact that majority of the population these days use Smart phones and want to access everything using these devices. As a result, some have optimized their websites for mobile devices such are smart phones or tablets while some have developed custom Mobile applications for the same.

But what exactly is the difference between a Mobile Website and an App? Let's have a look!
Mobile applications are specifically designed to run on Mobile devices such as Smartphone, tablets and etc. They make internet applications and services more easily accessible on these mobile devices. Mobile websites on the other hand are just like any other websites which consists of browser based HTML pages that are linked together and are assessed over the internet. But mobile websites are designed specifically to run on smaller screens of Smart phones and iPads which are handheld and have a touch-screen interface. This is the basic characteristic difference between a mobile website and a normal one.

Mobile applications are downloaded and installed on the mobile device and do not need a browser to work on. These are independent applications. Users can download apps from different portals based on specific devices such as Android's Play Store, Apple's App Store or Windows Store etc.

Whereas Mobile websites are readily opened on browsers on the mobile device. Whenever we open a website via a mobile device it automatically redirects to a mobile version of it.

Mobile Applications may pull the content from the Internet just like a website; it does not need a browser to do so. It can also download the content from the internet so that it can be accessed later without the availability of an internet connection.

Mobile websites have all the functionalities of a normal website such as its text content, videos, images and any other kind of data. In addition of these normal features they can also access mobile specific features such as GPS mapping based on your location and calling by taping on a phone number.

So these were some prime differences between a mobile app and a website. As it can be observed, mobile apps several functionalities and features which a mobile website can never provide you with. It is useful when you want functionalities which are more specific and cannot be achieved by a browser.

App Store Download provides you with all the latest information in the Mobile applications world. Check it out now: appstoredownload.com


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